Photography Converted To Photo Illustration With Retouching


This project combined photography of an olympic runner that was turned into a photo illustration that resembled a oil painting from the 1970's era of sports art. This was turned into a high-resolution image printed on an 8 foot wide graphic banner used at a trade show. By using photo retouching techniques this photo illustration went from looking [...]

Vehicle Graphics Help Grow Sales On The Road


These vehicle graphics were part of a larger branding campaign to launch a new company. Components included graphic design, branding brochures, illustration, logo design, photography, photo-retouching, corporate identity and website design. In these images shown, the vehicle graphics were created to match the brand elements from the website and company brochures and sales materials. The [...]

WordPress Website Design, Photography, Illustration


This group of projects included a Wordpress website design makeover. Components included on-site photography, photo retouching, illustration, logo design, trade show booth design & website design (Wordpress website & HTML). The original website makeover was a HTML version where the design was cleaned up and many customer portfolio projects were added to show the range and versatility of [...]

Branding For Website Design, Graphic Design & Direct Marketing


This corporate brochure was part of  larger branding effort that included website design, wordpress web development, logo design and postcard mailings designed to grow the business. What is branding? Well, if we go back to the beginning, we know that ranchers and farmers branded their animals, mostly to prevent thieves and bandits from stealing their livestock. Livestock [...]

Corporate Identity – Brochure, Graphic Design, Trade Show Design & Website Design


This company brochure was part of a a full corporate identity branding campaign. Elements included corporate identity including brochures, business cards, letterhead, logo, website design, trade show booth design, sell sheets and sales presentations. Creating a unique identity is critical to helping differentiate from your competitors in your industry, and to stand out form all the [...]

Direct Marketing Folding Postcard Mailing


Direct Marketing Postcard Mailings This piece was a direct marketing piece that folds down to a postcard mailing size and expands out to a small die-cut poster in the shape of a cross. Instead of having an envelope to place this piece in, we were able to create a folding die-cut piece that folded down [...]

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