These vehicle graphics were part of a larger branding campaign to launch a new company. Components included graphic design, branding brochures, illustration, logo design, photography, photo-retouching, corporate identity and website design. In these images shown, the vehicle graphics were created to match the brand elements from the website and company brochures and sales materials. The company vehicles were covered with graphics to take the sales message mobile on installations and while the trucks were in transit to customers homes and businesses. In total for this business, 3 trucks (Isuzu commercial truck, Chevy half-ton pickup, Toyota Highlander SUV) and a trailer now have imaging displayed on them. Over time, this will help build the brand awareness and help grow sales by creating more leads. By having the phone number on the vehicles, prospective customers can instantly call and find out more information. We have done vehicle graphics from a small static cling applied to rear windows and door magnets to hang on the doors to full body car wraps for small cars and large trucks. We use premium vinyl materials that are long lasting for exterior applications and all weather seasons. The vinyl can be taken off in the future and can also be washed. We also have perforated vinyl that is see through and can be used on side windows and back windows, to extend your marketing messages to even more areas of your cars and trucks. Why not turn your car or truck into a 24/7 sales machine and get potential new potential business all day long. Every stop sign, stop light and traffic jam is an opportunity for you to get a phone call from a new customer. Finally, you will look forward to someone tailgating you. If you are interested in having your company cars or trucks covered in vehicle graphics, contact us to discuss. Call (630) 650-7709