This project combined photography of an olympic runner that was turned into a photo illustration that resembled a oil painting from the 1970’s era of sports art. This was turned into a high-resolution image printed on an 8 foot wide graphic banner used at a trade show. By using photo retouching techniques this photo illustration went from looking like a average photograph to a striking image used to capture the attention of the audience at a live event. After the trade show event was over, the banner was brought back to the client’s global headquarters and affixed to a wall for employees to enjoy. This photo illustration was selected because it embodies the spirit of winning and having developed products that are first place in the minds of their customers. When it comes to photography and Illustration, the sky is truly the limit, and we can create a look that is unique to your personality and the culture of your business. We can take existing images, or shoot and create new photos depending on your needs and wants. Also if you are looking for vector illustrations for charts and graphs, or info graphics that will be used for new marketing materials, no problem. Some other possibilities could character renderings for a mascot, or product related technical illustrations from a 3D perspective or isometric view of a process flow. Also we can combine photography with illustrations to have a creative blend of two or more graphic styles. Any artwork can be created to work in a large format application like a poster or billboard, and in addition to low-res applications like video and other digital applications like PDF sales brochures and web site graphics. How can we help your business look better in print and online? Call us today at (630) 650-7709 and we can discuss your ideas.