Direct Marketing Postcard Mailings

This piece was a direct marketing piece that folds down to a postcard mailing size and expands out to a small die-cut poster in the shape of a cross. Instead of having an envelope to place this piece in, we were able to create a folding die-cut piece that folded down to a postcard size. This was essential for postage, and eliminating the need to design and print envelopes for every piece. The message for this was designed to appeal to a Christian audience, so the cross image was appropriate for the intended audience. Also included was a direct response card for people to request more information, get a phone call and submit their email address. This postcard direct marketing mailing was part of a larger campaign effort to raise awareness and lower vacancy rates at a senior housing facility. To be consistent, every month a different mailer was sent out to keep prospect top of mind when making a decision for aging family members who would soon be in need of a long term care facility. By staying consistent with marketing efforts, they were able to raise brand awareness and keep growing the use of the facility.

Reach Your Audience Based On Location And Demographics

If you are looking to reach people based on geography, age, income level, gender, homeowner, etc., no problem. We can create a custom list to reach consumers or businesses within your search criteria. We can also do postcard direct marketing based on your own customer list to reach out to your existing customer base to do regular mailings every week, month quarter, or year. We can do small or large postcards, or custom die-cut designs like the one shown on this page. Contact us today to discuss a direct marketing plan (630) 650-7709