This corporate brochure was part of  larger branding effort that included website design, wordpress web development, logo design and postcard mailings designed to grow the business. What is branding? Well, if we go back to the beginning, we know that ranchers and farmers branded their animals, mostly to prevent thieves and bandits from stealing their livestock. Livestock literally means what it says “Stock that is Alive.” In other words, “money on legs”. The branding they would burn into the animal skin would prove to the sheriff that the animal was the brander’s property. Other than theft prevention, branding had another unique benefit. Quality, successful ranching operations started to get good reputations for the higher quality of product. Customers stated insisting on buying only the animals with specific brands on their hides. Once the ranchers figured this fact out, they started branding their signs, wagons, carts, clothes and letters that they communicated with. Other industries saw what was happening with cattle ranches and decided they needed to “Brand” their products and services too. Eventually, all successful businesses had developed brands to show quality. Today, there is a high correlation between strong brands and strong, healthy business.

What branding elements of marketing help create a brand?

Short answer: All parts of a marketing program should tie directly back to the brand elements. Everything from the colors, type style, graphic elements, photography, logo, fonts, backgrounds, textures, etc all play a role in creating and maintaining a brand look and feel. All of these graphic design styles and typography should be consistent through all marketing pieces, that way the repetition of brand images create an exponential impression of quality in the viewers’ minds. By repeating the same look and feel over and over, customers and clients become more and more familiar with your brand, increasing the likelihood of a business transaction.