This group of projects included a Wordpress website design makeover. Components included on-site photography, photo retouching, illustration, logo design, trade show booth design & website design (WordPress website & HTML). The original website makeover was a HTML version where the design was cleaned up and many customer portfolio projects were added to show the range and versatility of the client capabilities. New photography was shot, retouched and added to the new website and descriptions for all the detail work was added. Some new graphic design elements were added as well as type styling and some graphics related to process flow. The trade show graphics were created for Job Fairs and industry related events that employees attend throughout the year. Over a 2 year period, the website had great performance and was consistently ranked high for industry search terms in Google and other search engines. During that time period, the smart phone revolution happened and the original HTML version needed to be converted to mobile friendly site. After talking through the options, it was decided to create a WordPress website, for its powerful capabilities and robust architecture, and wide variety of available themes. In addition, future growth of the website will easily be able to do by adding pages, editing posts and swapping out images and events that happen throughout the year. WordPress websites are also very powerful when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When properly written and designed and equipped, the pages’ SEO are ranked assessed as they are being created, making it much easier to create content that will be indexed better by search engines. We can help your business or organization create a new site that works hard for you and is designed to look good on desktop and laptop computers, as well as smart phones and tablets, such as an iPad. Call us today to get started on your new website (630) 650-7709