This company brochure was part of a a full corporate identity branding campaign. Elements included corporate identity including brochures, business cards, letterhead, logo, website design, trade show booth design, sell sheets and sales presentations. Creating a unique identity is critical to helping differentiate from your competitors in your industry, and to stand out form all the other noise that fills our world. One of the best examples of powerful corporate identity in the last few years is the branding of T-Mobile. In the mobile telecom industry, Verizon is red, AT&T Is blue, Sprint is Yellow and 0mobile picked a color that was formally Taboo in the macho world of business: Pink. There was probably many discussions in the boardroom with objections to the color pink. Comments like “Pink is too girly”, and the like. For some reason “Pink” won, and T-Mobile has grown very quickly, and the new kid on the block is becoming one of the big kids on the block by stealing customers from the other competitors in that space. The main thing is they took a big risk on a branding and corporate identity program that could have failed miserably, however, the world was ready for it. Now T-Mobile is harvesting the rewards of building a strong, consistent and most important unique look and feel of marketing. Customers feel the brand is youthful, cool and a better deal than the industry titans.

What about your corporate identity?

Is your marketing consistent, and does it look good to you? Could it be improved? We can review your marketing pieces and help create a new look for your business. We want to know about your customers demographics, and figure out if you need a conservative look or a fun youthful typography and images. Call us today and to discuss your design needs (630) 650-7709