Package Design Helps Sell More Products

This package design project was done for a company that makes cast iron cookware. The project required custom product photography and photo retouching using Adobe photoshop, graphic design using Adobe Indesign for the branding of the packaging box, vector illustration for the logo using Adobe Illustrator, and selection of stock photography for the lifestyle images. In a addition a vector wireframe for the folding of the box was also done in Adobe Illustrator. The scope of the project was to take boring look plain boxes with just a logo, into more appealing 4 color boxes that consumers would be drawn to at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond. Whether you are looking for a simple label for a bottle of bbq sauce, or a graphic that will get applied to a piece of commercial equipment, or packaging to hold a consumer good, we can help you design and print them for you.

Package Design Builds Your Brand

Think of all the great brands of the world. Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, McDonalds, etc. One thing they all have in common is great package design that is as powerful as their advertising and marketing. Great companies extend their branding onto all of their packaging of their goods. Even after the sale, the packages or helping to build the next sale and further build the brand. A great package has the ability to make something ordinary seem extra special, because we all know presentation is everything, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Some car companies offer luxury versions of their regular models to increase profit margins. For example, the Lexus ES350 is a Toyota Camry with better leather interior, different wheels and flashier exterior and paint. However underneath it is essentially the same as the Camry. Lexus is able to charge a lot more for better package design. What do you need package design help with? (630) 650-7709