This was an advertising project for “Walk For Water” in San Diego, California. The artwork was used on signs, brochures, printing, web design and email blasts. Advertising your event with a integrated marketing program can greatly increase awareness and help ensure greater success of your event. We can build a customized advertising program for your business, whether it is for products or services. Our mission is to design all the components of your marketing efforts to work together in an integrated way, so that collectively, they help your organization look better. This means consistency in the photography, imaging, artwork, typography, fonts and colors is consistent across all the pieces of your campaign. In addition, the message also needs to be consistent across all mediums. Times have changed and so has the media, as the 3 TV channels of the 1950’s have largely been replaced with an gigantic ocean of channels and streaming options. Radio has largely been replaced by streaming media services like Pandora, iTunes, and similar services. Most newspapers are completely obsolete as readers have switched over to the internet to get their information for the day. Email marketing and website blogs have become a major force in marketing products and services. Interactive media like PDF forms, WordPress websites have also become popular ways to communicate with customers. The constantly changing world of media and advertising needs constant attention to stay on top of the trends. Most importantly is to take action and start designing your future brand now, as it takes time to get the recognition of consumers’ minds. The message must be repeated over and over, until consumers finally recognize you as a brand, and finally decide to contact you for their wants and needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help get some attention for your business and your events.