The Importance Of Good Images

Using a photographer to create a brand is a combination of art and science.

Great brands know the importance of a great photographer. As the old phrase states “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Pictures and images get burned into our minds. We might forget the conversations we had at beautiful places, but we remember the images we took from the visit. Well crafted words for a tagline like Nike’s “Just Do It”, or Coke’s “The Real Thing” are part of the branding equation. The other big part is the imaging to be used. Nike uses top athletes in very stylized photography. The athletes are shown working hard, sweating and and the peak of their game, which helps people associate Nike products with performance, winning, success and being in top physical shape – thus supporting higher prices for their footwear and apparel, as well as market dominance. Coke has used many powerful images, from their original bold red and white signs to their “I’d like to give the world a Coke” TV commercials, the polar bears to their recent “Share A Coke With A Legend” packaging. Think of all the best brands – Apple, AT&T, BMW, Sony, Disney, etc…..they all use powerful images to help create their brands. Whether it is photography, Illustrations, logos or video – they all know the power of creating the right image. Your business is no different. A good set of images created by a professional photographer will help differentiate your business from others. Help you get remembered and thought of in a new way. As those images are repeated over and over to people, gradually you will build brand equity in the minds of prospects and customers. If we can help you develop a new logo, photography, illustration or a video, give us a call or send an email and we can discuss creating the images you are looking for.