So…You Want More Website Traffic?

When was the last time you added some new content to your website design?
Have you written any blog articles about your business?
Have you added some new photography?
How about a video that describes your services or products?

When it comes to website design…Content Is King!

New valuable content such as blog articles, photos, or videos helps your customers learn more about you. In addition, Google and other search engines will index you higher in search rankings. Google actively scans all websites for new content, and therefore continuously adjusts its algorithm to favor sites that regularly create new content. Websites that are built and then ignored may initially rank good, but then over time, they will gradually fade as new material is not added. That is why sites like Wikipedia are so valued. Users are constantly adding content, making it more and more relevant according to Google’s algorithm. Listed below are a few ways you can stay more relevant with your website design:

Blog Articles

Unleash your inner writer, or hire one to help organize your thoughts.

First off…do you even have a blog on your website design? If not, it’s probably time to get one. Or, do you have a blog on your site that was built 3 years ago, but you still haven’t written the first article? If you are too busy to write or don’t have the skills, you can always have someone else write articles for you. Blog articles are great for customer testimonials, case studies, and even white papers for specific topics. Unique processes can be explained, success stories told and special sales or events can be promoted. As you add more and more content, Google sees you as more relevant because you have more information online than your competition. Sometimes writing an article can help us clarify how to better communicate verbally because it streamlines our thought processes. This could lead to breakthroughs in internal company processes and external communication as well. We would highly recommend you implement a blogging strategy going forward to build your online presence.

New Photography

Show the world who you are in photo images.

If you have long-term customers, they may know your business inside out and all that you do.  However, if you start offering a new service or product, they may have a need for it, but are unaware that you provide it. New customers and prospects are most likely are very unaware of what your business or organization offers. Helping them understand who you are, what you do, and your level of quality is essential to helping form new relationships. In the modern world, images are essential to getting people’s attention and building a brand. Some new photography can oftentimes communicate faster than words, what it is you do. Maybe you have existing supplier photos that are high quality and would be a useful addition to a section of your website design.

Over the years, I’ve seen many businesses that do beautiful work in their industry. The crazy thing is they have photography that was taken by an employee on their phone. While this method is quick and cheap, it rarely looks professional. To put it another way, most photographers are not as good as flooring installers at installing flooring. Likewise, flooring installers are probably not as good as photographers at creating images. Having photos of your team is a great way to put names with faces to your prospects and employees that make work in different regions of the world. As relationships are developed, a friendly face can help turn prospects into a customer.

Graphics + Illustrations

Improve communication with illustrations, graphics, and charts.

Similarly, graphic designs, illustrations, and charts of your processes can help prospects and new customers understand your workflow processes. Workflow graphics and photos can also help new employees understand how your business works faster. If your employees are better trained, your productivity as an organization can improve faster. In addition, new business prospects can quickly see how you will make their life easier with a powerful graphic. Customers can comprehend how you will increase revenue, or save money with a well-laid-out chart. Could a mascot help build a team mentality among your staff? Would a custom-designed tagline help customers understand your benefits on a deeper level?

Illustrations can sometimes communicate better than photos depending on the concept. Sometimes, a style of artwork better suits one business than another. Photography is great, but sometimes a softer image that harkens back to a simpler time works well. Maybe a concept is so modern, that photography doesn’t do it justice. This is where graphic design and illustration can be very effective at communicating a specific idea or level of quality.

Videos + Drone Videos

Motion and sound take your website design to a new level.

Talking directly to your website visitors with video is a great way to speak a clear message. While text articles are specifically good at helping indexing and ranking in Google, videos are also very powerful. A message from a business owner can help instill confidence in shoppers who are inclined towards due diligence. Customer testimonial videos are a fantastic way to employ other people to sell for you. Instead of having to talk about how good you are at what you do, let others do it for you! As prospects watch others give support to your team, their internal doubts are diminished, and their confidence in you builds. Explaining complex issues, installations, product demos, and other issues can be simplified by a good-quality video. Drone videos are great for showing scale and big ideas. They also give an overhead birds-eye view which is great for real estate and many remodeling industries. Viewers are able to see what you do and your perspective of the world much easier.

Summary: Make Content KING In Your Website Design.

Add Articles, Photography Illustrations, Graphics, And Video.

A combination of all of these elements could be a great start to building your brand equity. Everyone that comes into contact with your website design communication efforts could have a much better sense of who you are, and what you do. Keep adding more content, and building your brand. As you develop content for your website, those elements can be leveraged for other marketing such as printed pieces, emails, digital ads, and videos. Wishing you much success in your branding efforts this year!