How Do I Grow My Business?

Growing a business is one of the primary goals of most entrepreneurs and business owners. But, it also matters to sales managers, account executives, marketing directors, non-profit organizations, and many others. If your business is not increasing revenue, it might start decreasing, as things rarely remain the same forever. This is a subject that applies to most companies, so let’s take a look at some of the things we can do better to grow our business.

Logo DesignGet A New Logo / Brand.

If your logo doesn’t stand out from your competition, why would anyone notice you? If they don’t notice you, they cannot and will not do business with you. A fresh look with a professional-looking design will help you rise above the average brand in your industry or category.

  • A great-looking company brochure/marketing materials will make a powerful impression on prospective customers. Potential buyers will understand the benefits of working with you if properly shown in your marketing materials.
  • Great photography goes a long way to building trust. Professional images of your staff, products, or services help communicate your level of quality. Higher levels of quality and trust increase your value proposition and justify higher prices.
  • Create promotions and promotional marketing that will get new people interested in what you offer. Sometimes a great deal can bring in new business that becomes a regular business. Establishing new relationships is key to growing a business and strengthening the bottom line.

Fix Your Website.

Get a modern-looking, professionally-designed website. In the modern world, your website is the most common way prospects and customers will understand your brand. A clean design that communicates your value and expertise will help attract new customers to you.

  • WordPress is a great web platform to build with. Not only do we build WordPress Websites, but we can train you to add content via a blog included with your new website. The more content you have, the more relevant your website is to Google and the other search engines. As you add content, your SEO can also improve and more links internally and externally will ultimately bring more traffic. More visitors will usually lead to more inquiries, relationships, and sales.
  • Add content frequently to keep it updated and to share articles and promotions about your services or products. Videos that show your services, products, process, and employees can have a powerful effect on attracting new business. Videos can also alert existing customers to services that they did not know you provide, creating additional revenue for you.
  • Make sure your site is secured with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). If visitors get notifications that your site is not secure, they will most certainly leave immediately out of fear. A lost prospect is lost revenue. It’s important to keep as many prospects as possible in your sales funnel for maximum customer conversion. We can install an SSL on your current existing site, or build a secure one from the ground up.
Vehicle Graphics

This truck was covered in vinyl vehicle graphics as part of a branding project.

Sell While You Drive, With Custom Vehicle Graphics.

If you have company trucks or cars, they could be put to work for you to help grow your business:

  • Vehicle graphics can be a great way to get your message out, while you are traveling from job to job, or commuting to the office.
  • As you sit in traffic, the people behind you will be reading your marketing message, helping to raise brand awareness.
  • On customer sites, company visits, and parked at your office you will always be marketing to someone.

Network, Network, Network!

It has been said “Your Network = Your Net Worth.” Keeping up with past current and future contacts is important for growing your business via your network.

  • Make phone calls to keep up with business partners and associates to maintain and grow important relationships. The power of a friendly voice can open doors that were once closed.
  • Send emails to check in with clients, and reach out to prospects that you are interested in working with. Sometimes you can time things just right, and get a project that needs your skills and talents. We can help you build email campaigns with Constant Contact, MailChimp, Emma, etc. This can be integrated with your CRM database to send out to your existing customers, and future prospects.
  • Attend networking events that will help you meet more people and have possible opportunities to be more visible to the community.
  • Display signage with your logo/branding with sponsorship opportunities at events. We can help you with trade show booths, banners, and signs of all types.

Learn How To Sell Better!

Reading books and watching videos on how to sell better is important to business development. Listen to your prospects for the subtle opportunities they may mention in conversation. Maybe there is a related need they have that will indirectly help you become a supplier. Find out where a particular business is struggling, and help them deliver a solution. Every business needs help with something. If you can discover some pain points in a company’s operation, there are opportunities to be developed.

  • Ask lots of questions to find out what people need. Listen closely before trying to sell anything.
  • Learn about the business you are interested in. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to partner with them.
  • Learn about the owner, and primary contacts you will have in the organization.
  • Target industries and companies that you already have expertise in, and are interested in.
  • If you have valuable knowledge and a passion for particular products, services, or processes, you are probably of great value to the businesses in those industries.
  • By focusing on specific targets, higher sales conversions can be had.

Create A Solid Plan

  • Plot out where you want to be in 1, 5, 10 years
  • Do the math to figure out what it will take to get there
  • Design a marketing plan for the sales funnel to work (i.e. 100 sales contacts, 10 meetings, 3 sales)
  • Work on the plan and revise it as you learn more about your contacts
  • Create specific opportunities and promotions for your prospects
  • Keep developing your brand, and executing your plan!

Let’s build your brand + grow your business!