Logo Designer: Well Worth The Investment

Does it really matter to hire a professional logo designer?

Every so often I get a request from a new business contact about the cost of hiring a logo designer. Sometimes I get comments like “Just throw some type together with our name…it doesn’t really matter.”

Really?…It doesn’t matter at all?

Lets think about this for a minute. Your business is the vehicle that provides your income (unless your investment income are large enough that your business doesn’t matter.) So if your like most people, your job and business matter to your lifestyle. In that case, doesn’t it make sense to put your best foot forward?

It makes me wonder why people invest in really expensive cars and homes that only take money from their pockets. Where as investing in a business tends to put money in their pockets. Building your brand is one of the most important things you can do if you really want your business to grow.

It all starts with a good logo. Slapping something together isn’t what you would do for your best clients is it? So why do it to yourself? Taking the time to figure out what type of colors, type styles and a visual mark is the core of most organizations’ brands. Once that “brand” or look is established, it makes it so much easier to create the rest of your branding pieces from a website, brochure, business cards or a video. Everything builds off and connects back to the logo.

Most large companies understand this concept well and have marketing departments and advertising agencies dedicated to building their brand, with the goal of growing continually larger. For smaller companies and startups, freelance logo designers can help get you started building a logo/brand.

When it is time to do your logo, take the time to slow down and get a great logo. It might take a little longer, but it will be worth it. Not only will you connect with your brand better, but your prospects and customers will too. You’ll start building trust with people from the first time you interact as potential business partners. The greater the trust, the more business will flow your way.

Best of luck in building your business – Contact us to speak with a logo designer today!