Giant Mural Lights Up Naperville Restaurant!

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Our customer is a popular restaurant in downtown Naperville, IL.  After a devastating flood in 2020, the entire building had to be gutted and redone in 2021. Part of the remodel included a need for new signage, and an idea to cover the wall with a large mural graphic. Originally, the owners thought a textured pattern that matched the building logo would work well and match the brand identity. From a design standpoint that graphic treatment would have been fine, but didn’t really seem that special or exciting for a mural.
After several meetings to brainstorm and get creative ideas, we learned that they really loved the Arizona landscape and thought it might be a good direction to head in. So we started gathering cactus and desert images to give a proper Southwest vibe. Eventually this desert sunset image (pictured) was selected to be the featured attraction in the restaurant. But as beautiful as it was, something was missing…something fun.

Make your environment fun.

We decided to make it have another dimension for people to experience. In the design meetings,

we joked about putting big Luchadores (Mexican Costumed Wrestlers) on the wall. It was a funny thought, but too much to actually do. However, an idea to hide the luchadores in the cactuses was born. So that is exactly what we did, hid 10 Mexican wrestlers into the mural. Uno, dos, tres, quattro, etc. Now customers get to play a game when they stop in for tacos and tequila. Try to find all 10 of the Luchadores! Kids love it and so do adults!

To cover the very large wall 48′ long x 12′ high, the picture was applied like wallpaper in sections to cover the massive area.

Such a fun project to work on and see to completion.

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