Making A Picture Perfect With Photo Retouching

This photo retouching project was done to promote a variety of over-wintering pansies (flowers). The image of the polar bear was combined with the flowers and snow drifts created to complete the scene. Pieces of many different images were combined and retouched to create a new conceptual image of the polar bear discovering the flowers buried in the snow. In modern marketing most images employ the use of photo retouching. Sometimes it is just to remove small imperfections and blemishes or to adjust the color tint through color correction. Or, it could be to combine multiple images to create a conceptual image and to add more style, such as to brighten a photo or add darker shadows. Other unique effects include black and white conversion, duotones, tritones and quadtones. Photos can be outlined or removed from backgrounds to have a cut-out effects or to change the background for a styled effect. We have a lot of experience doing large batches of images for color correction, resizing for a certain dimensions, outlining, RGB to CMYK conversions and photo illustrations.

Photo Retouching Makes Any Image Possible

Do you have an idea for a picture that you would like to create, but are not sure how? Need a group of images created for a trade show booth or resized and optimized for your new website? Do all your product photo need a little help to look better, or would a new photo shoot of all your employees help your company look more professional.  We take new photography of your group and your building or location on site. We can take a look at your concept and create or find photography that will work and combine elements to get you what you want. Contact us today to discuss your ideas (630) 650-7709