Creating a Logo Design

This is a logo design for Mettle Volleyball Academy. This logo is used on all branding materials from outdoor signs, print materials and on the website. Creating a proper logo design is essential to building a strong brand, and growing awareness among your business prospects and existing customers. Typically all other marketing pieces from branding brochures, corporate identity to the website design all are derived from the DNA built into the logo. Great logos stand the test of time, such as the ones from Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple. Others evolve over time, retaining their core DNA, but improve and adapt as styles change over time, such as AT&T, IBM and Ford.

What Kind Of Logo Design Would You Like?

We can design the right logo for your business by selecting the right colors, typography and and graphic mark or image that fits your company’s culture and personality. Normally our logo design process takes a few rounds to select the right one. We take time to talk with you before to find out what graphic ideas, colors and type styles might work with your unique organization. We can help recommend fonts, colors and graphic styles that will compliment your type of business. In addition, when the final logo style is selected, you will receive multiple versions that work for 4-color print, 2-color print, Black and White print, as well as lo-res versions that will work for video, web, email and Microsoft Word and Powerpoint applications. All logos will be saved and provided to you on a CD or USB Flash drive. We’re looking forward to designing you a great logo to help your business get recognized and build trust in the minds of customers and prospects. Contact us today to start the process of designing your logo and building your brand (630) 650-7709.