This is a technical 3D illustration for a small sump pump design / installation company. In this case a sump pump installer had a creative way to make sump pumps more reliable, double battery back-ups and controllable over the internet. Many companies in the industry had thought about building a system like this, but none went so far as to build a system to this degree. Not only that, no company had created the marketing and illustrations for each process to be understood by consumers, and larger manufacturing companies to build and install these system on an enterprise class scale. After the illustrations were done for a line of products, the small company was eventually bought by a major sump pump manufacturing company. The CEO of the larger was so impressed with the design of the system and the marketing illustrations connected to the system,  that he made an offer over the phone to purchase the design of the system, and the entire smaller sump pump company. Apparently, the CEO had asked internal employees to design a similar system, but nobody took charge of the project. So the owner of the system was rewarded financially for his ingenuity and creation of the system the industry had been searching for.

What do you need an Illustration of?

Does your your company have a unique product, process or service that needs to be described visually? After learning about your business we can create a unique graphic Illustration that bring your ideas to life. We can create graphics for print, websites, videos or large format applications like banners, posters or billboards. It can be a technical or 3D style or an isometric style. We can do a fun, cartoon looking character or series of frames that illustrate a multi-step process. Call us today at (630) 650-7709 to discuss.