Hiring A Commercial Real Estate Photographer: Why Using A Professional Matters

Improve the first impressions of potential buyers or tenants of your properties

Attract more buyers with better images. Images are the first thing a prospect sees and when it comes to buying. Great shots tell a powerful story. While a smartphone can get the job ‘done’, experts with the commercial real estate photographer skills and equipment get the job done right. Professional photography helps you find buyers quicker. Additionally, more appealing imagery draws more attention from potential customers.

Make higher returns as a seller. Additionally, as a seller, you capture higher prices based on how pictures look. This is why we put so much effort into photography and branding: customers see the difference. As a result, buyers are willing to pay up for perceived quality. The cost of a professional commercial real estate photographer is a smart investment. Historically, investing in branding helps you make better returns. 

What we do to make your real estate shine:

We shoot brand new builds, existing construction or remodeling projects. Our goal is to to make your space or building look its best. If you want a building to look (and be) professionally built, you hire a professional builder. Likewise, if you want your properties to look professional in photos, then you hire a professional photographer. At Cartwright Design, we offer professional photography that makes your real estate stand out against the competition. You get powerful beauty shots as well as any needed documentary detail images. Overhead drone photography and videos give scope and magnitude to your buildings. We are excited and ready to help your real estate look great. Also, our team is looking forward to working with you. Contact us today to get started.

Click through a few examples of our work in commercial real estate photography at the top the page.