A Headshot Photographer Will Get You Looking Your Best On Social Media

It takes more than a smart phone camera to create a powerful personal brand.

In our digital, international world and economy, image matters more than ever before. When we see a social media influencer or YouTube rising star appear, more than likely that person understands the impact that powerful images and branding has on likes and views. One might ask – “If you have a smart phone, why should you hire a professional photographer?” I see lots of images of business people and professionals of all sorts with pictures taken on smart phones. Normally, they are not as good as they could be. It’s kind of funny that people will spend a lot of money on a car or a house to improve their image, but fail to see the value in a professional portrait or headshot. Yet, when potential customers go to your website or LinkedIn profile, they will see your headshot long before they will see your car or house. So, why not get it right from the start?

There are some common issues that seem to be consistently present in smart phone images:

  1. The lighting is harsh, or of poor quality. Professional lighting positioned by a photographer will make your face look softer, more defined and more attractive.
  2. Faces get distorted with phones and cheap cameras. No one wants a giant nose or overly distorted head because the lens is wrong from the start. Photographers use different types of lenses to make you headshot look better, so you face becomes more compressed. This can help people look their best so as not to exaggerate features because of lens barrel distortion.
  3. Color quality is not quite right. Skin tones should look healthy and smooth and will with proper color temperature adjustments.
  4. Bad backgrounds subtract from quality. For a headshot, simple clutter free backgrounds usually work best so the viewer can focus on the subject’s face and nor be distracted by a weird item in the backgroundGive us a call today to schedule your headshot, improve your image and start looking your best!