Facebook Ads: Reach Your Target Audience Across All Devices

Social Media has become the new battleground where customers are made and lost.

Facebook Ads social media platform by Meta is many things to many people.  Perhaps you started out by reconnecting with high school friends.  Maybe you joined a group from your neighborhood to keep up with what is going on around town and at the local school where your kids go.  Maybe you don’t use it at all because scrolling through selfies is not your cup of tea.

To business owners, Facebook is an online  platform for getting customers.
The vehicle we use is called Facebook Ads. Here are some interesting facts:

– If you are looking to find new customers that are in specific locations, radius searches and even neighborhoods can be targeted.

– The Facebook algorithm is extremely powerful and targets prospects based on years of user posts and search history.

– Monthly and daily budgets can be turned on and shutoff instantly, depending on marketing goals and budgets.

– Ads can be physically adjusted to work across devices including desktop (computers), tablets and phones.

– Facebook ads can include photos, videos and boosted posts to business pages.

– Easy to use brand controls lets you set parameters on where and how your ads appear.

Are you ready to get started marketing to new customers with Facebook Ads?

At the start, we can do an assessment of your website, and first see if any adjustments need to be made to your online presence.  After review and any needed adjustments we can start to build a campaign to market your company’s services or products.  Multiple products and services can all be advertised in your Facebook Ads campaigns. Contact us today and we can start discussing and planning the best route to begin building a social media campaign for you.