Mobile Friendly Website Design

Why should your website be designed mobile-friendly?

Starting April 21st, 2015 Google expanded it’s use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking symbol for website design. This changes has affected mobile searches worldwide, in all languages, and will continue to make a significant impact on Google Search results. This is great for users, who do web browsing on phones and tablet devices. The reason it is great for users is simple – Google has gone through and determined which websites are most relevant for the search, and whether a site is mobile-friendly. So, the search results will be optimized for their mobile device, so they look good on a smaller screen and the pages should load faster.

The key to this is Responsive Website Design (RWD).

What this means is your site is flexible, reshaping and changing to fit your device in an optimal way, and redrawing if you hold vertically or horizontally. As mobile searches continue to increase over time, the best mobile sites will get more traffic than their lesser competitors. As time goes by and people become more mobile, and less tied to desktops, this trend will continue upward.

What does this mean if you have an old website design?

Basically, you will get less traffic from Google searches. The new Google Algorithms will see your site as outdated, and one that does not properly display on a mobile device. Maybe your still running that site from 2004, or even 2010. It may still be working fine on desktop, but its probably time to upgrade. Ever since iPhones, iPads and other smartphones and tablets have taken over the world…the web has changed dramatically. In addition, if your site is more than a couple years old, it probably needs a graphic refresh to keep it looking modern and current.

What is the first step?

If you are looking to reinvent your website design and make it mobile-friendly and incorporate responsive web design. Contact us and we can discuss your ideas.